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PAN carbon fiber tow technology and news and applications

PAN carbon fiber is a very light and high tensil strength and high Modulus strength fiber. It was invented first by Union Carbide Co.USA in 1959 to use Rayon as raw material to produce the carbon fiber for industrial application. In 1963,Royal areospace research institute of UK used Polyacrylonitrile PAN to produce the carbon fiber. In 1970,Toray Japan and Herculus USA commercialized the PAN carbon fiber. The carbon fiber which is lighter than aluminum and stronger than steel came true and became the main stream for advanced composite aeraspace application. In 1974,the carbon fiber tennis rackets and fishing rod and golf shaft products were very popular in Japan.

PAN Carbon fiber yarn detail property table
      1.Japan Toray carbon fiber detail specification
      2.Japan Toho carbon fiber detail specification
      3.Japan Mitsubishi carbon fiber detail specification
      4.Taiwan Formosa carbon fiber detail specification

PAN Carbon fiber yarn appplications and market news.
      1.Aerospace application.
      2.Sports goods application.
      3.Marine application.
      4.Car parts application.
      5.Construction application.
      6.wind energy turbine application.

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