JINSOR Ballistic fabric,Kevlar fabric,Vectran fabric,
Zylon fabric,UHMWPE Izanas fabric Products

*We can supply Kevlar and Twaron balistic fabric for for ballistic jacket and helmet application!
please check detail specifications and
NIJ ballistic test table.

*We can supply Kevlar fabric for for composite application,such as sport goods and car parts and fast boat!
please check detail specifications

We can supply colored Kevlar fabrics.The applications are for sports goods,car parts,boat parts.
Please visit online detail specifications.

PBO zylon fiber fabrics
1.sports goods
2.car parts
3.boat parts
Please visit
online detail specifications.

UHMWPE Izanas fabrics
1.sports goods
3.boat parts
4.car parts
online detail specifications.

Vectran fiber fabric
1.sports goods
2.speaker cone
3.cut proof cloth
online detail specifications.

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