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*We can weave and supply Toray (Torayca) 12K carbon spread tow woven fabric The Toray carbon spread tow width is 16mm ,FAW is 100 g/m2 in plain weave ,the width is 100cm, roll length is 100m.
1.Composite sporting goods
2.Boat parts
3.Yacht parts
4.Electronic parts
5.FRP sheet,tube
6.Car parts

*We can supply RFID blocking fabric
This is RFID blocking fabric,silver grey color with very high electric conductivity .
This fabric is certificated by SGS TUV Germany in 13.56 MHz frequency shielding test in 2013 and 2015.
1.RFID blocking wallet
2.RFID blocking leather card case
4.RFID blocking passport bags and holder
5.Electric magnetic shielding parts
6.Radiation proof curtain

*We can supply multiaxial carbon fiber fabric for wide composite parts application Advantage are easy to let the fabric to be wet in and be wet out easily and keep better strength of kevlar fiber due to less fiber direction change with satin weave.
1.Composite wind turbine blade
2.Composite car parts
3.Composite snowboard,skateboards,kiteboards
4.Composite yacht and boat parts
5.Construction reinforcements
6.Composite helmet About the detail spec.,please visit multiaxial carbon fiber fabric detail spec.
If you need the detail specifications,please contact us.

*We can supply Carbon PBO Zylon fiber fabric
the weave can be plain or twill2x2 .
About the detail spec.,please visit carbon PBO Zylon fiber fabric detail spec.
1.shoes parts
2.sporting goods
3.car parts
4.boat parts
5.electronic parts
If you need the detail specifications,please contact us.

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